- Complete construction of cold rooms;
- Assembly/installation of separate refrigeration installations related to the technological needs of various industries;
- Assembly of centralized refrigeration installations with different number of consumers (cold rooms or evaporators) for the storage of goods and products in the food and other industries;
- Repair and reconstruction of existing refrigeration installations; Subscription service of refrigeration installations;
- Assembly/installation of monitoring systems for monitoring of the temperature regimes and the status of cold rooms and installations related to the introduction of standardization systems.


The ventilation is one of the most important systems for ensuring normal living conditions of human life. The proper designing and construction of ventilation at home will create comfortable living conditions. The timely exchange of indoor air will provide a good ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide and will rescue us from moisture and mould. If the ventilation works together with other air-conditioning systems, a stable microclimate is maintained in the buildings.


“Iceberg-International” Ltd provides guarantee and after-guarantee (after-sale) service of the installed equipment and the completed projects. We offer also service to machinery and equipment assembled by other companies.

Our long-term client in the service activity is “Coca Cola” Bulgaria.

Our contractual relations cover guarantee and after-guarantee maintenance of the commercial refrigerators (refrigeration showcases) of the company. At the moment, our specialists take professional care for over 15 000 refrigerators (refrigeration showcases) in (the territory of) Sofia city and the region.