“Iceberg International” Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the area of the refrigerating and air-conditioning equipment for building objects for the food industry.

The Company deals with engineering activity - designing, delivery, installation, finalization and guarantee services of refrigerating and air-conditioning systems; trade activity, relating delivery of refrigerating and air-conditioning equipment and parts.

The Company has highly qualified specialists, which are in condition to give the best technical and technological solutions, conformable to all contemporary tendencies and innovations in the area of the techniques, according to the Customers’ requiring in occasions and installation of the following systems:

  • Refrigerating systems for water-cooling, used for technological requirements in enterprises for fizzy drinks, wine-factory, meat-works, vegetable-processing enterprises, milk-processing enterprises, etc.;
  • Assembling and monolith refrigerating rooms  with capacity 10 to 3000 m3 for temperatures 5° to -25°C;
  • Refrigerating stores, fruit stores, potato stores with capacity 5 tons to 10 000 tones;
  • Freezing tunnels, including shock freezing of products - vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, chickens and others;
  • Refrigerating rooms for special purposes with temperatures up to -65°C;
  • Ice-slides;
  • Air-conditioning systems with various powers and purposes;


We made  projects in Russia, one of them is a chicken factory with freezing tunnels and cold rooms,one for installation for ice-water for cooling of chicken and etc.

Some of our staff take a part like a supervisors for execution of the projects in Libya, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia and etc.

In the past our owner was a deputy general director in the public company named “Klimat” and then he executed a complete cold stores in our country and abroad as follows: in Libya – 25 cold stores; in Cuba – 10 cold stores; in Iran – 3 cold stores; Syria – 4 cold stores; in Russia – 10 cold stores; in Tunis – 2 cold stores; in Algeria – 2 cold stores; in Afghanistan – 2 cold stores and etc.

Our company has a strong experience of execution of the similar cold stores for food industry. Our company use subcontractors for the following parts: Architecture, Construction, technology, water-supply and drainage. We have a technologist who can give you very good knowledge and ideas when you execute your projects.

The company’s professional workers can perform out-of-warranty service even when the   equipment and the system are not delivered and installed by "Iceberg-International" Ltd. This is performed from 1 to 24 hours, depending on the object’s situation.


You are Welcome. We will be happy to assist You in Your best choice!


Dimitar Kostov

President of

“Iceberg-International” Ltd.