For the good human’s favour and for the proper functioning of many industrial processes, it is necessary the temperature and the relative humidity to be maintained artificially in more narrow ranges in comparison with the natural climatic variances of these parameters, which is achieved by appropriate heating, cooling, humidification, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

With regard to the heating and especially air-conditioning installations, more stringent requirements are placed for creation and maintenance of prescribed microclimatic conditions: temperature, humidity, noise, draughts, clean air. These requirements are necessary either for reasons of comfort in the residential buildings and for hygienic and pure technological considerations in the industrial buildings. Many industries are unthinkable/impossible without the availability of highly efficient ventilation systems with “white spaces” and air-conditioning installations that maintain the most precise desired microclimate in the production workshops.

The ventilation and air-conditioning are among the most important systems for ensuring normal conditions of human life. The proper design and construction of ventilation at home will create comfortable living conditions. The timely exchange of indoor air will provide a good ratio of oxygen and carbon dioxide and will rescue us from moisture and mould. If the ventilation works together with other air-conditioning systems, a stable microclimate is maintained in the buildings.

“Iceberg-International” EOOD constructs and implements complete projects for the central and partial air-conditioning and heating in industrial and residential buildings and premises.